As parents, everything that you can teach to your own children better prepares them for their important first days at school. Within the public French language school system in Ontario, Bientôt l’école offers parents and their preschool children the very best of well designed, instructional resources. There, you will find the ways and means to improve and build your children’s motor skills, vocabulary and ability to concentrate; all in a easy going, relaxed way. This is all offered at no additional cost to parents.

ACÉPO – About us

ACÉPO is a not-for-profit, provincial organization in Ontario, entrusted with the promotion of French language public education in Ontario. It also represents and defends the rights and interests of its constituent boards of education.

Bientôt l’école is an example of the activities of community engagement that ACEPO undertakes. It is also a promotional activity to invite you to choose a one of our school.


Bientôt l’école has garnered not one, but three awards of excellence: the silver medal in two international competitions, nominated in the Summit Creative Awards® and Communicator Awards


The Bientôt l’école partnership is an initiative of ACÉPO. It is realized with the exceptional contribution of staff from each of ACÉPO’s constituent boards of education and the assistance of staff from the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat of Ontario’s Ministry of Education


The project is underwritten by a generous grant from the Literacy and Numeracy Secretarial of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Other financial contributions were made by the Conseil scolaire des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario, the Conseil scolaire Viamonde and funds from ACÉPO.